वर्षे ७५ पूर्ण!

My Children and grand-children celebrated my 75th birthday with a beautiful film.

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One thought on “वर्षे ७५ पूर्ण!

  1. Celebration of your Platinum birth anniversary was simply heart touching. All your family members, colleagues, friends and wellwishers spoke so highly and respectfully for which you really deserve.Atmosphere in the hall was charged with emotional joy and due admiration of your meritorious achievements in the life. It was really amazing to know multifaceted personality of the person who has contributed greatly towards various activities concerning human growth and development. Many unknown aspects of your hardships to achieve this respectable position in the society and space in the heart of your near & dear ones. Your speech was full of emotions and expressing due gratitude to the people who have helped you during your difficult time to achieve this success, prosperity and satisfaction in the life.
    My association with you in the Mazgaon terminal was path breaking and one of the turning points of my life. My performance and accomplishment especially in the Small-filling Dept. wouldn’t have been possible without your guidance and support. I take this an opportunity to express my gratitude for being my friend, philosopher and guide.
    What is great about you which I like most is that you are simply a down to earth person.
    You are one who is like Jasmine flower, which has its own fragrance but beauty of it is that it makes the breeze passing through it fresh and fragrant.
    May God bless you with very happy,healthy and enjoyable long life.

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